Arielle Domantay

A Technology Savy Creative

I'm a currently a freelance creative with 7+ years of creative experince and 2.5 years of IOS Development experince. I have my own lighting, sound, and camera equipment. It ranges from Sony cinema cameras, DJI, and Aputure. Currently, I am looking for full time positions that ranges from content creation for brands or for technical video content.


Ideas Before Bed is my personal project showcasing my filmmaking skills and storytelling

Job Hunt is a game where you are a player trying to collect as many brief cases before time runs out.

Technologies: Phaser 3 and Parcel

My Cover Letter is a website where people can store, edit and organize their cover letters.

Technologies: Node/Express, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, React, Redux

Party Vibes is a place where you can virtually socialize with your friends and family in real time.

Technologies: Node/Express, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, React, Redux, Bootstrap, Socket.io

Music Visualizer is a stackathon project where my goal was to make an interactive 3D space with Three js.

Technologies: Three.js, Web Audio API

We Chair About You is a mock ecommerce site where people can shop for different types of chairs.

Technologies: Node/Express, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, React, Redux, Bootstrap


This Show Reel showcases experimental and VFX work that I've created.

This Video Resume showcases my skills in motion graphics

At Business Insider, I assisted and lead video shoots and edited video for all channels across Insider Inc. I have linked 2 playlist showcasing my work at my time at Business Insider.


Creative Production

Davinc Resolve Pro Cinematography Lighting Adobe Premiere Motion Graphics Figma Photoshop


IOS Development Swift UIKit RXSwift HTML CSS Javascript React