Arielle Domantay

Fullstack Developer

I'm a Fullstack Developer interested in creating applications for people in the creative industry. I started as a video editor but found that the environment of traditional media was not for me. I looked for other fields that were collaborative and creative. I had a coworker from my last job that created an application in our editing software to render out a certain format faster. I found it fascinating and wanted to learn how to build applications. I’m looking forward to building applications in a collaborative and creative environment.



HTML CSS Javascript Express React Redux Node.js Sequelize PostgreSQL


Figma Photoshop Adobe Premiere Motion Graphics


Find Food NYC is a application that I made trying to recreate the originalGet Food NYC Map

Technologies: React Map Gl, Mapbox, and React

Job Hunt is a game where you are a player trying to collect as many brief cases before time runs out.

Technologies: Phaser 3 and Parcel

My Cover Letter is a website where people can store, edit and organize their cover letters.

Technologies: Node/Express, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, React, Redux

Party Vibes is a place where you can virtually socialize with your friends and family in real time.

Technologies: Node/Express, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, React, Redux, Bootstrap, Socket.io

Music Visualizer is a stackathon project where my goal was to make an interactive 3D space with Three js.

Technologies: Three.js, Web Audio API

We Chair About You is a mock ecommerce site where people can shop for different types of chairs.

Technologies: Node/Express, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, React, Redux, Bootstrap


This Video Resume showcases my skills in motion graphics

At Business Insider, I assisted and lead video shoots and edited video for all channels across Insider Inc. I have linked 2 playlist showcasing my work at my time at Business Insider.

This Show Reel showcases experimental and VFX work that I've created.